Niche Marketing Explained – Understanding All About Niche Marketing

What exactly is niche marketing?

Niche marketing is marketing to a select group of potential customers inside a much larger customer base. This is often done because there is a need that is not being addressed by providers who target the larger customer base. In other words, there is a demand for something that isn’t being supplied. If you can satisfy that demand, you have a potential market waiting to pay you for what you can offer them.

The Internet Marketing niche has many sub-niches

For example, inside the target market of Internet marketing, there are many niches, including search engine marketing, PPC marketing, Google AdWords, article marketing, bum marketing, and more. Those who write eBooks on just Internet marketing don’t directly address these niches.

You could further refine those to include even more specific niche markets. For example, you could fill the niche market of PPC marketers who just use Google AdWords or just use Yahoo Search Marketing, etc.

As these niche markets have grown, so have their desire for information and resources that they can directly use for their businesses, which are not satisfied by those who just target the large Internet marketing market. Those businesses that primarily focus on article marketing are not going to be very interested in PPC marketing, just like those who primarily use Google AdWords are not going to be very interested in article marketing.

That’s why there are marketers who market directly to niches – they can better satisfy what those niche customers are asking for because those niche marketers directly address the problems facing the niche target markets.

The over saturation of a niche

Niche marketing has become one of the primary ways to market over the last few years because many are starting to realize that Internet marketing is becoming over saturated with Internet marketers and their products. This makes it much harder to earn profit from the large Internet marketing market. Those who are new to the Internet marketing world will have an even harder time breaking through into the Internet marketing market because there are many established Internet marketers who have very loyal customer bases that trust those specific marketers and their products.

New Internet marketers can better compete or even dominate a niche because there is little to no competition in that niche. The more you can target a specific niche, the better the chance you will have of carving out a profitable piece of that niche and/or even becoming the main provider to that niche. This is how new Internet marketers especially can make it big online.

Niches can be discovered in just about every market

Many Internet marketers make nice sums of income online by targeting different niches, some not even related to each other. They’ll do the necessary research to determine whether a profitable niche market exists for a product/service they can supply, select a domain name, build a website, and start marketing it to the niche target market.

However, niches don’t have to deal directly with marketing. Niches can be carved out of almost any possible market, whether it would be dogs, cats, plants, electronics, writing, cars, etc.

For instance, talking about electronics, you can have niches that involve computers, stereo systems, televisions, MP3 players, DVD players, etc. Furthermore, you can narrow those niches down even further; for computers, you could have desktops and laptops. You could break those down even further – with laptops, for instance, you could have whether they utilize Centrino technology or not, as well as what computer brand they use and what processor powers them.

You can also limit niches to other factors involving the target market, such as age, occupation, income, place of residence, etc.

For instance, you can target teenagers who want MP3 players. You can make your offer more appealing to that market by including free music downloads of the most popular young artists today when they purchase the MP3 player from you.

Research your way to discover new niches

As you can see, virtually any market can be broken down into smaller markets, or niches, by way of the product, the target market, or both. The key is to finding out what needs are not being satisfied by companies and websites that are already out there and then providing a valuable offer that that niche target market will be eager to purchase. With an almost unlimited number of niche markets, and more appearing every day, niche marketing will likely not become saturated anytime soon.

Grow Your Business With a Direct Marketing List

As the trends in marketing and product sales have been changing day by day, it’s completely vital for a company to update to the changing trend and develop a new trend by itself in order to sustain itself in the market for long. In this scenario, a company, which is needs to inform its customers about its new product, would need to have a separate set of people who are experts in marketing and finding their customers to inform them about the offers. While this may be time consuming, the best way would be to make use of software to make this easily possible.

More specifically, the use of direct marketing list would make the whole job of marketing the product pretty easy and effective. The only task for the company is to have the list of customers it wants to target, inform, and perform the spreading of information through emails or sms. Direct marketing list would help a company to have the full customer base with their hand so that they would be able to sustain their place with their own customers in the event of recession or slow down. Maintaining a direct marketing list would also help the company to update any changes regarding the user information and keep the whole database very much updated to easily keep track of the customers.

The availability of direct marketing list would also help the companies to easily find new customers in addition to the regular ones as the internet plays a major role in spreading the news about the company in a extensive way. There are also many social networking communities and websites wherein the company can collect details about the customers it wants to target which rightly helps in a large way to expand the business.

Apart from all these, direct marketing list would typically help the company to lessen its hard work of manual marketing and incorporate new styles and designs in their presentation and send it as a bulk mail to every customer it wants to target. In this way, spreading the information would no longer be a difficult task for the companies, which maintain a mailing list to forward the information to all the customers.

Direct marketing list also eliminates the complete dependency of the company on the other modes of marketing their product, which would anyway involve loss of money. In this way, it would rather help the company in a much better way to advertise and earn money simultaneously without the need for investing money. The only task for a company would be to maintain the marketing list in such a way that each and every information is being updated and the customer database is precise. There should not be any redundant information, which would lead to multiple copies of the message to a single customer that would spoil the whole plan, as the customer would get irritated. In this way, direct mailing list helps a company to expand its business with no loss of money.

Using Direct Mail to Boost Dental Marketing

There are many dental marketing strategies that web marketers can use but the more important concern is whether which strategies are more efficient and promises better publicity and turnover potential. In this case, it is important to highlight the use of direct mail. Of all the marketing strategies tried and tested, direct mail is one of the most efficient ones.

There are several reasons why direct mail qualifies as a very good marketing tool today. Firstly, it is very personalized. You can customize the content of the mail to make sure it can speak directly to the recipient. Further, it is also very targeted and relevant. You can choose who to send to or send the mail.

Direct mail makes use of variable data and focuses on the employment of one-to-one marketing. These are some of the best ways to target your ideal market or demographic. What is even better is that it only takes little time and requires very little cost. For a social marketing campaign, this is one of the most efficient and practical methods.

It is very important to realize that not every person uses social media sites or there are in fact a considerable number of people who are not as active as others thought to be. For example, dental services are targeted to those willing to spend money when it comes to their oral health. The segment mainly using social media are younger adults who are more concentrated on other priorities. Usually, it is those in the higher age demographic who focus on oral health.

Social media websites are good tools to use but they are not the only available marketing tools. Remember that the market dental practice can cater to extends beyond the scope of social media. You have to always think of other ways to reach as many potential clients as possible and direct mail is one of those.

If you are a practicing dentist then it only means that you already spent a significant amount of time specializing and honing your skills to provide the best dental services. Nonetheless, it is also important to note that dentistry is a completely different field from marketing so it is important to either choose someone to do the dental marketing for you or personally learn the ropes of doing so.

Dental marketing needs a good advertising or campaign idea. This idea should consider the needs of both the practitioner and the target market. When trying to brainstorm, there are several things you should take into account to make sure that advertising campaign is all encompassing.

Initially, you should always keep in mind that the goal of the marketing campaign is to gain new patients. Try to see whether or not the campaign can get people interested. While there may be a handful of loyal customers, still, attracting new ones can keep the business going in the long run. This is also a way to potentially broaden or increase the number of your loyal fan base.

Another important thing to consider is to determine whether patients will have more loyalty towards your brand of dentistry through recall and retention. A good marketing idea for dental services is the kind that makes patients associate or remember you if they ever come across an idea even only remotely related to oral health care.

Lastly, a good marketing strategy for dental practice is to encourage referrals. Some ideas may include giving patients discounts if they can refer other people. Others include giveaways or additional dental services. The main aim should be to increase customer satisfaction and encourage exposure for your dental practice. It may be tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it definitely brings in worthwhile rewards.