Email Marketing Law

The thought of their company’s name being dragged through the courts and, even worse, newspapers puts some people off opting for email marketing. However, and rather unusually, the law is clear, simple to understand and sensible. The main legislation, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, shortened understandable to PECR, has just seven main principles.

1/ It applies when contacting individual customers using email or SMS text messages.
This is the one aspect which is certain to change as time goes by. As new form of electronic communication develop so they will be hauled into the fold of the PECR.

2/ Customers must have opted-in to receive such communication.
This is permission based marketing. The recipient must have agreed proactively to accept email marketing from you. Merely failing to untick a box is not sufficient.

3/ There must be an opt out mechanism on all communications.
Every marketing email must present a facility whereby the recipient may unsubscribe or opt out of receiving such emails.

4/ The sender must provide complete contact details.
The recipient must have sufficient information on each email to contact the company sending the email.

5/ The From box must be clear as to origin.
A trick of those who send spam emails is to disguise themselves by using a false name in the From box. A clear source would be good practice for genuine email marketing companies as the email is more likely to be opened.

6/ Applies to direct marketing emails and SMS texts.
This means that ‘domestic’ emails, such as invoices, are not included. To what degree you can pepper such emails with advertising is difficult to say.

7/ Limits the use of cookies.
Companies are obliged to clarify if cookies are used and for what purpose.

Despite this being a very brief summery of the PECR it can be seen that it is reasonable, logical and easy to adhere to. Even when you start going into more depth you will realise that the law continues in this enlightened mode. There is no excuse for non-adherence and not taking part.

What is MLM? MLM Or Network Marketing Explained

What is MLM/Network Marketing? defines Multi-Level Marketing as a direct selling method in which independent agents serve as distributors of goods and services, and are encouraged to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and training other independent agents. In this method, commission is earned on the agent’s own sales revenue, as well as on the sales revenue of the salesforce recruited by the agent and his or her recruits (called downline).

That’s great but lets break it down and spell it out.

The Basics

In every MLM there are what I call the Basics, these basics are the Products, the Company, the System, and the Plan. To gain a solid understanding of MLM you must understand each of these basics. Like everything in business it all starts with a Product.

The Product

The object of every business throughout the world is to sell products. Now, I use products in a loose way to mean tangible or intangible goods as well as services. Really, products are anything that can be sold by one and obtained by another.

So MLM begins with a Product that someone realizes has value and desires to sell to others. That person realizes the need to begin a company who’s task it will be to continue to produce and distribute this valuable product.

The Company

Once a company is formed, it must develop the production of this product. Whether the product is Information, Juices, Vitamins, Travel, Consumables, etc. it is the task of the company to create a brand and begin the production of this product. Production is underway and a brand has been setup now a company must determine the method of distribution. They have to figure out how to move the product.

There are a couple of systems to move products. Most of us are familiar with Retailing, that is the stores we shop at and buy the product from the shelf. Some are familiar with Direct Sales, this is the door to door sales man. I remember my parents buying Encyclopedia’s and Vacuums from Direct Sales people when I was a kid. Another system is MLM.

The System

Here is the heart of MLM. MLM is truly a system to move the product from the Company to the Consumer. It is based around the notion that people will buy from a person over a corporate entity. Different MLM’s work differently however the basics of the the system work like this:

A person is enlisted/sponsored as a distributor or independent agent (or whatever the company calls them.) The agent then is able to buy the product wholesale and then sell it retail. This is one source of income for the agent. These independent agents are also able to sponsor other independent agents to create a network or downline of other agents.

Most MLM’s will pay the sponsor a percentage of their downline’s sales. This is another source of income. Most MLM’s also include a Plan or a business opportunity through recruiting a sales team. This Plan is often what MLM focuses on as a huge source of income.

The Plan

The Plan is the business opportunity side of the an MLM. This involves the benefits of recruiting others into your downline to create that powerful sales force that is moving the product. Most MLM’s offer at least one financial bonus for recruiting other independent agents and achieving different levels of success. It should be mentioned that any solid MLM will measure success via Sales Volume.

The Plan is often times why people confuse MLM with Pyramid Schemes. A pyramid scheme though is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, often without any product or service being delivered. However as we explained above the purpose of enrolling other distributors is to increase the distribution of the product.

Each Plan will be different with various forms of compensation. All should include compensation from the sale of the product and as well as some form of compensation for sponsoring other distributors. Remember though that if you find an MLM based on recruiting others with an undefined product you should be leery. Because all solid MLM systems and plans know that the Product must Move or Nobody will get Paid.


Multi-Level Marketing in the end is a system used to distribute products from a company to a consumer through an independent agent. It offers an opportunity for anyone to become their own business owner and create wealth beyond their wildest dreams. This system, while often times looked down upon, has created more millionaires than any other industry. While I will never say that MLM is easy, it is a journey well worth traveling.

If you are already involved in an MLM business and are struggling to make it work. Let me tell you that I’ve personally tried the old fashioned outdated methods that so many uplines teach and realized that they did not work for me in the modern market. I realized that I needed a different way, a modern way.

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From the Desk of Joshua Yearout, Network & Internet Marketing Coach

Joshua Yearout is a leader in the Network & Internet Marketing Industry. His path to the Top included, studying for Priesthood, Bartending, Developing Businesses, then obtaining True Freedom through MLM. Currently working Full-Time as a Network & Internet Marketing Coach his goals include living life to the full and helping as many other people achieve the same reality.

Using Direct Mail to Boost Dental Marketing

There are many dental marketing strategies that web marketers can use but the more important concern is whether which strategies are more efficient and promises better publicity and turnover potential. In this case, it is important to highlight the use of direct mail. Of all the marketing strategies tried and tested, direct mail is one of the most efficient ones.

There are several reasons why direct mail qualifies as a very good marketing tool today. Firstly, it is very personalized. You can customize the content of the mail to make sure it can speak directly to the recipient. Further, it is also very targeted and relevant. You can choose who to send to or send the mail.

Direct mail makes use of variable data and focuses on the employment of one-to-one marketing. These are some of the best ways to target your ideal market or demographic. What is even better is that it only takes little time and requires very little cost. For a social marketing campaign, this is one of the most efficient and practical methods.

It is very important to realize that not every person uses social media sites or there are in fact a considerable number of people who are not as active as others thought to be. For example, dental services are targeted to those willing to spend money when it comes to their oral health. The segment mainly using social media are younger adults who are more concentrated on other priorities. Usually, it is those in the higher age demographic who focus on oral health.

Social media websites are good tools to use but they are not the only available marketing tools. Remember that the market dental practice can cater to extends beyond the scope of social media. You have to always think of other ways to reach as many potential clients as possible and direct mail is one of those.

If you are a practicing dentist then it only means that you already spent a significant amount of time specializing and honing your skills to provide the best dental services. Nonetheless, it is also important to note that dentistry is a completely different field from marketing so it is important to either choose someone to do the dental marketing for you or personally learn the ropes of doing so.

Dental marketing needs a good advertising or campaign idea. This idea should consider the needs of both the practitioner and the target market. When trying to brainstorm, there are several things you should take into account to make sure that advertising campaign is all encompassing.

Initially, you should always keep in mind that the goal of the marketing campaign is to gain new patients. Try to see whether or not the campaign can get people interested. While there may be a handful of loyal customers, still, attracting new ones can keep the business going in the long run. This is also a way to potentially broaden or increase the number of your loyal fan base.

Another important thing to consider is to determine whether patients will have more loyalty towards your brand of dentistry through recall and retention. A good marketing idea for dental services is the kind that makes patients associate or remember you if they ever come across an idea even only remotely related to oral health care.

Lastly, a good marketing strategy for dental practice is to encourage referrals. Some ideas may include giving patients discounts if they can refer other people. Others include giveaways or additional dental services. The main aim should be to increase customer satisfaction and encourage exposure for your dental practice. It may be tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it definitely brings in worthwhile rewards.