Direct Mail For Fundraising

In order to use direct mail for fund-raising purposes, you need to understand the concept of both fund-raising and mail. In simple terms fund-raising means raising money for a particular cause or project. For many non profit organizations in existence today, fund-raising is a substantial way of raising money for their cause. This cause can be varied and can range from helping religious groups to assisting political organizations. Some non profits groups also organize events to raise money in order to support various humanitarian causes and social issues.

Now that we have the basic understanding of fund-raising, let us see what direct mail is all about. It is the most common means of direct marketing. It helps in reaching out to a large number of people quickly. The concept of using this technique for fund raising is many centuries old. Example of such work can be found as early as the 12th century in countries like Great Britain and Japan. In countries like the United States, the practice of mail for fund-raising started after the Second World War. This was the time when charitable organizations throughout the US were looking for options to increase their fund-raising supporters.

Once computers came into being, the use of direct mail for fund-raising took immense proportions in the United States. Prior to the advent of computers, the fund-raising groups had to maintain the details of their members and donors manually. This made the entire task very tedious and time consuming. The computer came as a boon to these organizations since they could now maintain all the records on the computer. It also became easy to update and add new details which before computers, was a Herculean task.

The growth of non profit groups in the United States led to the growth in the concept of direct mail for fund-raising. Today, through this technique of fund-raising, any American can learn about the charities of his/her choice. The task of contributing towards their favorite charity group, today, is a piece of cake.

In today’s world, using direct mail for fund-raising is a concept that many non profit organizations throughout the world follow. It is the easiest and most convenient way to convey information to all their participants. This technique helps all types of organizations to reach out to people and gain new customers or members. It helps the organizations inform its existing customers about the up-coming fund-raising events. It also makes the task of reaching out to its members and asking them to upgrade their contributions easy. Although it costs little higher than other forms of communication, but Direct mail has become quite an effective and result-oriented technique which is widely used for fund-raising throughout the globe.

What Can a Grocery Store Teach Us About Web Design and Internet Marketing? Part 1

For a newbie venturing into the online world a grocery store offers many lessons in web design, layout and structure. The parallels between your site and a grocery store are very similar and clear. Learn these lessons and you will have a huge head start and a solid mindset for building an online business.


The most apparent thing you will notice in any grocery store is the layout. Below you will see a basic floor plan of any grocery store. Most grocery stores follow the same pattern and it is not by accident. Lets take a further look.


The layout of a grocery store has one purpose: “To guide you through the entire store so that you end up in the check out line”. There is no difference between the layout of a grocery store and the layout of your site. Websites have one purpose and that is to sell. Your website needs to have that same purpose too.


In almost all grocery stores you will start off in a produce section. This is for 2 reasons.

1. Because these items are the most perishable, they want you to stock up on them as soon as you arrive. This helps keep the items fresher.

2. Number 2 is even more important. THIS LAYOUT SLOWS YOU DOWN. You have to zig and zag. Once you think you have found a clear path another obstacle or customer will get in your way. The longer you are in a store, the more money you are likely to spend.

Why are understanding these two principles so important for your own online business?

Because you want to have the freshest content available to your audience. It does not necessarily have to be the best content available, but you want to keep it new and consistently put it out there. Also, good content slows down your visitors and keeps them on the page. Most visitors get click happy and just start clicking one link after another. Give them something to stop and think about. Give them relevant content that keeps them on the page.

Slow them down, get their attention and then hit them with a call to action. Tell them exactly what you want them to do. Tell them about a product or insert an image or use any means necessary to get them to do exactly what you want them to do. This would be similar to a sale sign or an employee of the produce department recommending a particular fruit because it is a new crop and in season.


Aisle-layout A successful layout in a grocery store gets you to follow a particular sales path. You might not have even been aware of it in the past, but like the produce section there are all kids of items placed in your way. Not just to get your attention of a particular sale, but to guide you in a certain direction. Layouts get you commit to one direction without you even thinking about it. Look at the bottoms on aisles between 1 and 2 and also between 3 and 4. These little displays help steer you down the right aisles. The goal of these are to make sure you go through every aisle.

Your website needs to do the same exact thing. If your purpose is to make sales, everything you do needs to lead that customer to your online shopping cart. If your purpose is to make new contacts and generate leads, then everything you do on your site needs to drive that potential customer to a sign up form. Your website needs to be laid out in a way that the call to action that you want the customer to take is the most apparent part of your page


Grocery stores have one advantage huge advantage over your website. There is ONLY one way in and one way out. There are 1000′s of ways people can find your website. Search engines, Directories, Video Sites, Social Networking Sites, Direct URL, Forums, Blogs, Random Sites, and places you would never expect are all ways people can find your website. There are 1000′s of entryways into your website.

What about Exits? Obviously, the first exit is when they use the Back Button. No one wants that. That is just a waste of a visit. But what most of you don’t realize or track, are how many people are actually doing just that? Do you know how many people look at one page and then exit? If not, you should. And you should be testing and improving that everyday. Tragically, the other exits that exist on your site are ones that you create. Whether it is a link to a friends site, a site that my be beneficial, your Facebook, your MySpace, or your Twitter account they are all links to sites outside of your website.

Once they leave they are gone and you opened the door for them to leave! You didn’t utilize their visit. No sale was made, no information was captured. They already have accounts on those video pages and social network pages. Are you going to keep your fingers crossed and hope that everyone you send away from your site is going to be your friend on a social network site?

Remember, the purpose of your website is to make sales. The purpose is not to send them to your Facebook account. You want to use those sites to drive traffic to your website, not that other way around. So close those doors and drive the traffic to where you want them to go!

How Committed Are You In Your Network Marketing Business?

Not too long ago, me and my husband had a Zoom meeting with a business lady and her personal assistant from Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

The business lady’s name is Mrs. M.

The Zoom meeting was held because Mrs. M is very keen to explore the network marketing business I am in and she was looking for the right sponsor for her and her Personal Assistant (PA).

Here’s some background story about Mrs. M.

She is a successful business women. Previously, she has tried building a MLM / network marketing business and had quite a large network.

However, one thing was lacking from her previous MLM business. She didn’t get much guidance and support from her sponsor or team.

If you have never built a network marketing business before, know that one of the key factor to be successful is your team.

It does not matter if your business has the best product or the best marketing plan, if you joined a none-committed team, as the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together”.

You will end up being frustrated and quit the business.

That was exactly what happened to Mrs. M.

For a time, she has kept away from any MLM business and focused on her conventional business.

What attracted her to the MLM company I partnered with was the company’s core product.

She has seen many people talking about it online and decided to purchase it from an online 3rd party platform just to try it.

She tried it and loved it!

That has sparked her interest in network marketing again and this time around, she started looking for a right sponsor and the right team to join.

That was how Mrs. M got connected with me and my husband and thus the Zoom meeting with her and her PA.

During the Zoom meeting, it was clear what Mrs. M wanted from a sponsor. She wanted someone that can guide and support her whilst building her network.

She wants a sponsor which is truly committed in the business.

How can you tell if your sponsor or your upline is committed in their business?

I thought about that question for a while because commitment in my own network marketing business has never been an issue.

I was committed in building my business from day one back in March 2018.

Back then, I was unemployed and money fast running out in my bank account.

I had no other option. I had to make it work.

I understand a lot of people may not be in that situation.

Signing up as a member costs less than RM100.

There is no risk because there is no capital investment required and the MLM business model in Malaysia has long been proven to work going back as far as 1976 when Amway Malaysia was established.

That is a +40 years track record in Malaysia and the company is still going strong! I am not with Amway by the way.

Because it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started and there is no capital investment required, many people treated their MLM business like a hobby.

They only do it when they feel like doing it… alas, they are not truly committed in the business.

When you treat the business like a hobby, you will get hobby income.

A true measure of our commitment in our network marketing business is when my husband quit his corporate job with a public listed company in Malaysia and went full time in our business at the end of 2019.

In short, me and my husband have burnt our ships.

In 334 BC, Alexander led a fleet of Greek and Macedonian ships across the Dardanelles Straits and into Asia Minor.

When he reached the shore, Alexander ordered his men to burn the ships. He told his men, “We will either return home in Persian ships or we will die here.”

My network marketing business is now my full time career. It is me and my husband’s only source of income for our family.

There is no turning back for us therefore, we are fully committed to grow our business and also help our business associates to grow their business.

In closing, Mrs. M and her PA have joined our team and we are looking forward to helping them grow their business.