Direct Marketing

A great number has been said about direct marketing. Both advantages and disadvantages of this kind of marketing are laid out in several books or references so that people are educated. Regardless of what books or references say, one thing is very clear. Direct marketing is here to stay.

So what is the fuss all about with this kind of marketing? A lot of people already knew that this kind of strategy has existed for many years. Looking closely at its history one must fathom that this already exists for a very long time. With the prolonged existence of this kind of strategy, it serves as a testament of its success.

One of the benefits of using this kind of technique is that it can be measured statistically. Success rate can easily be quantified and that is a big help to gauge things and can aid in decision making. With this kind of data available, it would be easy to forecast and plot the next strategy so that marketing objectives will be achieved.

There are a lot of channels that this strategy could work. Direct mail, telemarketing, electronic mail and couponing are some of the channels that this strategy is being implemented. With direct mail marketing, letters are sent out via postal service to promote and do business. For telemarketing, either outbound or inbound calls are done as long as a product or services are being transacted. While for electronic mail or email as widely known, it is where the internet is used rather than the regular postal service. Couponing use coupons to advertise or promote products and service.

Of all the channels mentioned, a lot of marketers would say that email is the easiest and the most cost effective way to do. Email for one is very cheap to make. A lot of people uses email or have email access and that population of email users is too tempting to resist. The use of email is easy because with the technology nowadays almost everything is user friendly.

The only drawback that perhaps you can think of using email for marketing is the proliferation of spam emails. Spam emails are also known as junk mails which mean that these emails are being sent to many people with the same content. People are tired and weary of these kinds of mails and so most of the time they just delete it directly or put it to folders tagged as spam mails and not read it. This strategy is somewhat ineffective and only a low success rate would result on this strategy. To solve this problem, one must make an email that is personalized so that it won’t be tagged as spam mail. With this solution, the recipient will be more likely to have interest and read the email.

With all the things mentioned, it is likely to solidify the statement that direct marketing will be here for a long while. It is true that it is no longer the way it was used to be because of several channel emerged due to advancement of technology but it is still the same marketing concept.