Beyond Yours Marketing Opportunity Review

Beyond Yours Marketing is a new direct sales company that is so new in fact, that it is still in pre-launch. The company is based in the health and wellness industry with its focus on water. Beyond Yours has done extensive research with water sources around the world as well as creating a longer shelf life of the water itself through a unique treatment process to create a truly refreshing experience they believe. So how does the business opportunity match up to the product they have created for you to market?

The goal of Beyond Yours is to “impact world health and help people both physically and financially while in the process creating the largest health and wellness Company in the world.” So how good are the products? Water is the basis for life on our little planet and bottled water has been a growing trend for some time now. The biggest issue with the bottled water industry was the shelf life of the water itself, and with the unique process that Beyond has created, this issue they believe is now taken care of and a plus for those who want to market these products. This company also comes with a detoxification product that could enhance the sales of the main product. The compensation plan is based on a binary team.

This particular plan comes with several bonuses on productivity in retail sales of both legs and is endless as far as building you team on both sides. The difference between the wholesale price and mark up will be the commission for direct sales of any products. Binary plans can be both good and bad depending on the marketing skills of those above you. Building in this type of plan will need balance in both legs which will take careful consideration when taking on new business owners and which leg that you should place them in for balance in your teams, unbalanced legs are the same no matter if they are your own literal two legs or that of a binary compensation plan.

Overall Beyond Your Marketing Inc. seems to have a good product although expensive. Learning to market the product online with only replicated sites could be a challenge in the heavily saturated health and wellness industry. Branding yourself, and marketing online comes with a learning curve. Learning how to effectively market this business online and glean from that marketing a good team will be a step in the right direction with this business opportunity.

What is MLM? MLM Or Network Marketing Explained

What is MLM/Network Marketing? defines Multi-Level Marketing as a direct selling method in which independent agents serve as distributors of goods and services, and are encouraged to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and training other independent agents. In this method, commission is earned on the agent’s own sales revenue, as well as on the sales revenue of the salesforce recruited by the agent and his or her recruits (called downline).

That’s great but lets break it down and spell it out.

The Basics

In every MLM there are what I call the Basics, these basics are the Products, the Company, the System, and the Plan. To gain a solid understanding of MLM you must understand each of these basics. Like everything in business it all starts with a Product.

The Product

The object of every business throughout the world is to sell products. Now, I use products in a loose way to mean tangible or intangible goods as well as services. Really, products are anything that can be sold by one and obtained by another.

So MLM begins with a Product that someone realizes has value and desires to sell to others. That person realizes the need to begin a company who’s task it will be to continue to produce and distribute this valuable product.

The Company

Once a company is formed, it must develop the production of this product. Whether the product is Information, Juices, Vitamins, Travel, Consumables, etc. it is the task of the company to create a brand and begin the production of this product. Production is underway and a brand has been setup now a company must determine the method of distribution. They have to figure out how to move the product.

There are a couple of systems to move products. Most of us are familiar with Retailing, that is the stores we shop at and buy the product from the shelf. Some are familiar with Direct Sales, this is the door to door sales man. I remember my parents buying Encyclopedia’s and Vacuums from Direct Sales people when I was a kid. Another system is MLM.

The System

Here is the heart of MLM. MLM is truly a system to move the product from the Company to the Consumer. It is based around the notion that people will buy from a person over a corporate entity. Different MLM’s work differently however the basics of the the system work like this:

A person is enlisted/sponsored as a distributor or independent agent (or whatever the company calls them.) The agent then is able to buy the product wholesale and then sell it retail. This is one source of income for the agent. These independent agents are also able to sponsor other independent agents to create a network or downline of other agents.

Most MLM’s will pay the sponsor a percentage of their downline’s sales. This is another source of income. Most MLM’s also include a Plan or a business opportunity through recruiting a sales team. This Plan is often what MLM focuses on as a huge source of income.

The Plan

The Plan is the business opportunity side of the an MLM. This involves the benefits of recruiting others into your downline to create that powerful sales force that is moving the product. Most MLM’s offer at least one financial bonus for recruiting other independent agents and achieving different levels of success. It should be mentioned that any solid MLM will measure success via Sales Volume.

The Plan is often times why people confuse MLM with Pyramid Schemes. A pyramid scheme though is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, often without any product or service being delivered. However as we explained above the purpose of enrolling other distributors is to increase the distribution of the product.

Each Plan will be different with various forms of compensation. All should include compensation from the sale of the product and as well as some form of compensation for sponsoring other distributors. Remember though that if you find an MLM based on recruiting others with an undefined product you should be leery. Because all solid MLM systems and plans know that the Product must Move or Nobody will get Paid.


Multi-Level Marketing in the end is a system used to distribute products from a company to a consumer through an independent agent. It offers an opportunity for anyone to become their own business owner and create wealth beyond their wildest dreams. This system, while often times looked down upon, has created more millionaires than any other industry. While I will never say that MLM is easy, it is a journey well worth traveling.

If you are already involved in an MLM business and are struggling to make it work. Let me tell you that I’ve personally tried the old fashioned outdated methods that so many uplines teach and realized that they did not work for me in the modern market. I realized that I needed a different way, a modern way.

It was then that I discovered the Exact Formula used by modern day 7-Figure Industry Leaders. Using this Formula I have been able harness the power of modern technology to put my MLM on Cruise Control. Never again will I pay for leads, cold call prospects, or have to sell my business.

Learn more about MLM and the Exact Formula other modern day Top earners use by visiting my more thorough explanation of MLM [].

From the Desk of Joshua Yearout, Network & Internet Marketing Coach

Joshua Yearout is a leader in the Network & Internet Marketing Industry. His path to the Top included, studying for Priesthood, Bartending, Developing Businesses, then obtaining True Freedom through MLM. Currently working Full-Time as a Network & Internet Marketing Coach his goals include living life to the full and helping as many other people achieve the same reality.

What Can a Grocery Store Teach Us About Web Design and Internet Marketing? Part 1

For a newbie venturing into the online world a grocery store offers many lessons in web design, layout and structure. The parallels between your site and a grocery store are very similar and clear. Learn these lessons and you will have a huge head start and a solid mindset for building an online business.


The most apparent thing you will notice in any grocery store is the layout. Below you will see a basic floor plan of any grocery store. Most grocery stores follow the same pattern and it is not by accident. Lets take a further look.


The layout of a grocery store has one purpose: “To guide you through the entire store so that you end up in the check out line”. There is no difference between the layout of a grocery store and the layout of your site. Websites have one purpose and that is to sell. Your website needs to have that same purpose too.


In almost all grocery stores you will start off in a produce section. This is for 2 reasons.

1. Because these items are the most perishable, they want you to stock up on them as soon as you arrive. This helps keep the items fresher.

2. Number 2 is even more important. THIS LAYOUT SLOWS YOU DOWN. You have to zig and zag. Once you think you have found a clear path another obstacle or customer will get in your way. The longer you are in a store, the more money you are likely to spend.

Why are understanding these two principles so important for your own online business?

Because you want to have the freshest content available to your audience. It does not necessarily have to be the best content available, but you want to keep it new and consistently put it out there. Also, good content slows down your visitors and keeps them on the page. Most visitors get click happy and just start clicking one link after another. Give them something to stop and think about. Give them relevant content that keeps them on the page.

Slow them down, get their attention and then hit them with a call to action. Tell them exactly what you want them to do. Tell them about a product or insert an image or use any means necessary to get them to do exactly what you want them to do. This would be similar to a sale sign or an employee of the produce department recommending a particular fruit because it is a new crop and in season.


Aisle-layout A successful layout in a grocery store gets you to follow a particular sales path. You might not have even been aware of it in the past, but like the produce section there are all kids of items placed in your way. Not just to get your attention of a particular sale, but to guide you in a certain direction. Layouts get you commit to one direction without you even thinking about it. Look at the bottoms on aisles between 1 and 2 and also between 3 and 4. These little displays help steer you down the right aisles. The goal of these are to make sure you go through every aisle.

Your website needs to do the same exact thing. If your purpose is to make sales, everything you do needs to lead that customer to your online shopping cart. If your purpose is to make new contacts and generate leads, then everything you do on your site needs to drive that potential customer to a sign up form. Your website needs to be laid out in a way that the call to action that you want the customer to take is the most apparent part of your page


Grocery stores have one advantage huge advantage over your website. There is ONLY one way in and one way out. There are 1000′s of ways people can find your website. Search engines, Directories, Video Sites, Social Networking Sites, Direct URL, Forums, Blogs, Random Sites, and places you would never expect are all ways people can find your website. There are 1000′s of entryways into your website.

What about Exits? Obviously, the first exit is when they use the Back Button. No one wants that. That is just a waste of a visit. But what most of you don’t realize or track, are how many people are actually doing just that? Do you know how many people look at one page and then exit? If not, you should. And you should be testing and improving that everyday. Tragically, the other exits that exist on your site are ones that you create. Whether it is a link to a friends site, a site that my be beneficial, your Facebook, your MySpace, or your Twitter account they are all links to sites outside of your website.

Once they leave they are gone and you opened the door for them to leave! You didn’t utilize their visit. No sale was made, no information was captured. They already have accounts on those video pages and social network pages. Are you going to keep your fingers crossed and hope that everyone you send away from your site is going to be your friend on a social network site?

Remember, the purpose of your website is to make sales. The purpose is not to send them to your Facebook account. You want to use those sites to drive traffic to your website, not that other way around. So close those doors and drive the traffic to where you want them to go!

The Basics of Article Marketing – Getting Started

Article marketing is both the easiest thing in the world to accomplish and the hardest thing to accomplish for some people. Why? Because, although the process is simple, it is also hard work. I won’t lie to you and tell you that you only have to work for 2 hours a day on some tropical island and you can be a millionaire. Internet marketing is work. It is simple enough for almost anyone to do, but you have to put in the time and effort to see results. So, if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, you are in the wrong place.

So, here is the process of how an article marketing campaign would look from start to finish, in very basic terms.

Pick a product you want to sell. Products are easily found at places like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Linkshare or any independent business with an affiliate program, such as Amazon or Walmart.
Research keywords for the product you are going to sell. This is one of the most important and yet misunderstood topics for all article marketers. If you truly want to be successful, you have to know who your market is a reach them directly.
Buy a domain name.
Create a landing page. As and example, you can create free pages at Squidoo, WordPress or HubPages.
Submit your landing page to search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo.
Submit your landing page to social bookmarking sites and blogs. This is mainly for backlinking purposes and is what will get your landing page and articles up to the top of search engine listings.
Ping your landing page. Very simple at places such as Pingomatic or Pingler.
Write 10 articles and submit them to EzineArticles.
Use the author resource box on EzineArticles to add links to your landing page. You are allowed 2 links in the resource box and you should use both of them to direct people to your site.
Submit your author bio page to RSS feeds. Very simple process that will update every time you submit new articles under the same name.
When the articles are accepted at EzineArticles, bookmark and ping each article.
Submit each article to other article directories.
Keep in mind that this list is a basic process. Every article marketer may do things slightly different, and still be extremely profitable. For example, some will swear by using linkwheels, while others say they are useless because Google can recognize them.

How much would it cost to get started?

Nothing. That is the beauty of article marketing. It is a completely free process. Everything that you might need to help you is free if you look for it. Once you start bringing in some money and can afford it, there are some tools that will save you some time. This is extremely valuable in article marketing because in this business, time is money. How much you can accomplish or write in a day is a direct reflection on how you will do financially.